What Fans Like about An Online Event Ticketing System!

There are many online event ticketing companies that offer some unnecessary features and services that are not much help for your event or your fans. While features and services are always important for any event presenter while evaluating an online event ticketing system, the most important factor is to understand what exactly fans wants from an online event ticketing system. For any event presenter, their fans are their king, and the more difficulty a fan faces when booking a ticket, they greater likelihood he/she will abandon the sale. In this blog, we will share a report that we have created after doing a survey to 200 fans and asked them about the services they are like while booking a ticket for any event.


Select The Right Day To Send Email Newsletter For Events!

Right Time for email newsletters

If you execute email newsletter campaigns to promote your event, then in order to maximize the number of people who open and click-through your email, you have to be strategic about when you send out your newsletters. Timing is everything, as sending a newsletter on the wrong day or at wrong time can impact your email performance negatively. In this blog we will discuss the best days and times to send newsletters to ensure that your events get maximum exposure.

Timing for any newsletter will depend on the type and purpose of the newsletter. (more…)

Yapsody Tip: Making your Online Ticket Store Look Awesome!

Yapsody Tips

Setting up your online ticket store is simple, and with a little effort, it can make a huge impact on your ticket sales. Your Yapsody Online Ticket Store can be customized to look really sharp! In this blog we will share some tips for beautifying your Online Ticket Store.

Logo and Title Text

Your logo or banner can be displayed in the header of all pages of your Online Ticket Store.  While uploading your logo/banner image, you can even customize it in real time using Yapsody’s image editor to give it the look and feel you want. You can upload image files of up to 2MB, but we advise using smaller files in order to speed up page load (more…)