Sparx & Lorenzo Antonio LIVE At Sycuan Casino

Sparx & Lorenzo Antonio with Mariachis Performing Live in Sycuan Casino this August
Sparx & Lorenzo Antonio with Mariachis Performing Live in Sycuan Casino this August

Like it or not, with some people, talent literally runs in their blood. The Sparx sisters and their brother, Lorenzo Antonio, are no exception to this. With a musician, songwriter, and record producer for a dad and a vocalist for a mom, the siblings grew up learning Do Re Mi before the alphabets.

Maybe that’s the reason why the Sparx group consisting of the four Sanchez sisters, Verónica, Rosamaria, Kristyna and Carolina, along with their brother, Lorenzo Antonio, won the first position in one of the most glorious talent festivals of Latin America, known as “1er Festival Juguemos A Cantar” and they’ve never looked back since. Lorenzo was just 12 when they participated in the competition, and they performed his original, “Vamos A Jugar”.

Throughout their career, the Sparx have been recognized all over Mexico and America as the ones with amazing Latin music and the best dance moves. They’re a treat to the ears as well as the eyes with their catchy costumes and scintillating performances. Numerous tracks by the group have made it to the top 10 on Billboards Latin Charts, and they’ve also been nominated for quite a few renowned awards in the world of Latin music.

Antonio had quite a successful stint with his sisters in his pre-teens, but he later separated from them and began his career as a soloist. His career as a vocalist and songwriter saw many popular tracks that hit the records on Billboards charts, like “Muchachita”, “Como Me Gustas”, and “Doce Rosas”, most of which came during the 1980s and 1990s when he was touring. Later, he also released two comeback albums, titled “Mi Tributo A Juan Gabriel” and “Tributo 2”.

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