Social Media That Event Presenter Can Ignore

Understanding and selection of social platforms are essential for planning and executing your event’s social media marketing goals. In a previous blog we shared some stats and details about the “Most Effective Social Networking Site for Event Presenters”.  In this blog, we will share some stats and details about how event presenters perceive certain social media platforms.

In a survey conducted by SocialMedia Examiner, event presenters having more than 5 years’ were presented with 8 social media categories and asked them to rank them in terms of least used to promote their events.  (more…)

US Event Industry – A Profit Making Industry!

Events are a reasonable luxury compared to vacations and that’s why fans enthusiasm and capability to purchase events tickets is deeply influenced by their disposable income but the context is little different for the United States. Except for the recession period (2009-2010), Americans have always openly expressed their love for live entertainment and this drive industry revenue growth at an estimated annualized rate of 1.0% to $22.9 billion over the four years to 2012 and it is expected to grow at an average annual rate of 3.0% to $26.5 billion over the five years to 2017.

US Event Industry


Geographic Reach of the US Event Industry!

If you are new in event industry and planning to organize an event for your business then you have to understand one crucial factor which will decide the success of your event; i.e. the importance of location to your overall event. In this blog we will share and discuss some stats which will help you to understand the geographic reach of US event industry. 

There are around 49,000 event presenters throughout the United States, but the overwhelming majority of promoters have a limited geographic reach. Event presenters are mostly target cities and states that have high population, (more…)

Yapsody YapScan: Ticket Scanning App Now Available for Android!

Yapsody Yapscan App for Android

It’s been just two months since we launched Yapsody YapScan, a ticket scanning app for iPhone and iPod Touch which allows event presenters to validate tickets by either (a) scanning barcodes with the device camera, (b) scanning tickets using a laser scanner peripheral, (c) entering a ticket number, or (d) searching for customers by entering a name or scrolling through an customer list. The application has been installed by many Yapsody event presenters, and we’ve received some excellent feedback from them.  (more…)

Best Target Group for an Event!

The event industry is a $23 bn industry that targets very diverse audience groups across events of varying types and sizes.  On one hand you might want to present events that target a demographic that is not adequately being served by your competition.  Alternatively, you may decide to present events that cater to some of the more desirable demo groups.

If we analyze the below pie chart we will find that the greatest revenue contribution to the event industry in 2012 was from men and women aged 21-45 years, who collectively spent over $11 billion and comprised approximately 50% of total industry spend.

best target group for your event


Most Effective Social Networking Site for Event Presenter!

We all know that social networking websites and social media marketing are the best FREE tools for promoting product and services. There are around 200 social networking websites available, but it is hardly possible for event presenters to be active on all of them. So in this blog, Yapsody will share some stats and details about social networking websites that will help you to figure out the most effective platforms for promoting your events and performances.

Effective Social Media Stats


Yapsody: BAF Site of the Week!

We are happy to announce that won “Site of the Week” by the popular business forum “Business Advice Forum (BAF)”.

Yapsody - BAF Site Of the Week

We are thankful to Fergal, admin of Business Advice Forum, for supporting our new ticketing system and our initiative against high ticketing fees. Yapsody is the first truly free online ticketing system of its kind, against the concept of “taxing” presenters and customers with fees.

Yapsody and its initiatives are famous and appreciated! Well… almost!
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Why Ticket Purchasers Are Looking for A New Ticketing System?

Yapsody - Event Ticketing System

The ticketing industry has traditionally been dominated by a handful of large players who lock venues into lucrative, exclusive contracts that give the ticketing companies the ability to effectively manipulate the market. However, over the last five years, many venues have chosen to go with newer ticketing companies with feature-rich, state-of-the-art ticketing platforms that are far more cost-effective to operate, thus giving way to significant benefits for both venues and ticket purchasers.  Those benefits include:  (more…)