Useful Resources to Run Your Event Smoothly!

Resources for Successful Event

Running an event might be prolonged and stressful. From arranging, to administering on event day to wrapping up after the event, with such a large number of balls to juggle at once, it is a wonder that an event can actually end on a high note. However, in last few years, various tools have been introduce that could be important weapons in an event presenter’s arsenal for simplifying the event process. Here’s a rundown of some useful tools for helping you run your next event smoothly. (more…)

Yapsody Tip: Making your Online Ticket Store Look Awesome!

Yapsody Tips

Setting up your online ticket store is simple, and with a little effort, it can make a huge impact on your ticket sales. Your Yapsody Online Ticket Store can be customized to look really sharp! In this blog we will share some tips for beautifying your Online Ticket Store.

Logo and Title Text

Your logo or banner can be displayed in the header of all pages of your Online Ticket Store.  While uploading your logo/banner image, you can even customize it in real time using Yapsody’s image editor to give it the look and feel you want. You can upload image files of up to 2MB, but we advise using smaller files in order to speed up page load (more…)

Update your Mailchimp Contact list Directly through Yapsody!

Yapsody  Mailchimp Integration

When it comes to letting your customers know about your next event, there are several options to explore such as social media marketing, traditional advertising, and web advertising.  However, one of the best, most personalized and most interactive methods is through email. With Yapsody, sending emails to your customers is not at all a complicated task. With our MailChimp integration, we make it easy to quickly import your customer list into Mailchimp.

After adding your Mailchimp account information, customer’s emails are instantly added to your Mailchimp list as they are collected.  (more…)

Ticket Purchasers Can Checkout Without a PayPal Account!

Ticket Purchase without a PayPal account

As an event presenter, your ultimate goal is to sell maximum number of tickets for your event and for that, you definitely need a ticketing system through which your customers can purchase tickets without any hitches and complications. 

Recently, Yapsody Support Desk received a query from one of Yapsody event presenter, who was worried because his customers were not able to purchase tickets using credit/debit card without creating a new PayPal account; “Is there any option to accept Credit Card payments from ticket purchasers without PayPal accounts?”  (more…)

Your Online Ticketing System Should Have Flexible Pricing and Discount Features!

At Yapsody, we believe that a great ticketing system should give you the flexibility to be creative in pricing tickets and applying discounts.

While creating your event and performance you can easily segregate your ticket categories by adding multiple ticket type such as “Student”, “Adult”,” VIP” etc. and apply separate pricing for each ticket. However, where we excel relative to other “do-it-yourself ticketing system is in two areas:

Yapsody Pricing & Discount Feature


How to Manage Time When Planning an Event?

Time Management

Time management is essential when planning an event. In this article I’ll share some tips to help you maximize your productivity.

  • Set goals before you begin to execute. Keep your goal brief and clearly defined, and distribute them, as well as you event guidelines, to all your team members. The clearer your goals, the more you can narrow down your options and thus effectively shorten the decision making process.  (more…)

User Friendly Ticketing System: Ticket Purchaser’s First Choice!

For any event presenter, fans are king. So as a presenter, it’s important to consider what your fans expect from your ticketing system.

According to IBISWorld Report, ticket purchasers highly value a ticketing system’s “user-friendliness”. Their Ticketing Software Satisfaction Survey report asked ticket purchasers to rate a list of functions in terms of their perceived importance in a ticketing solution.  Approximately 40% of respondents ranked easy navigation as the most important criteria.  25% of respondents selected easy card processing, and another 27% selected Tech Support.  Clearly the vast majority of ticket purchasers are primarily looking for a hassle-free experience.  (more…)