Be Young At Heart, Be A Wildhorse…

Young at Heart - Oregon East Symphony Live Show at Wildhorse Casino - Pendleton, Oregon, United States
Young at Heart – Oregon East Symphony Live Show at Wildhorse Casino – Pendleton, Oregon, United States

Wildhorse Resort & Casino presents to the folks of Pendleton another beautiful event – Young At Heart, A Fundraising Tribute To Saturday Morning Classics, by the Oregon East Symphony on June 11 at 8 PM. That’s probably a lot of information to take in with a single sentence, so allow me to break it down into smaller parts and explain every bit of it to you.

Let me start with the stars of the night, Oregon East Symphony. OES is an orchestra that is believed to provide “high quality musical experiences and events” to Pendleton and its surrounding rural region. Guided by a volunteer Board of Directors, it organizes six diverse season concerts, fundraising events, and a multitude of musical education programs for the youth.

They are known to bring alive the distinguished symphonies of Beethoven, Mahler, Elgar and Mozart in their classical concerts, along with presenting world-premieres of works by composers like Emily Doolittle, John McKinnon, Leandro Espinosa, Margaret Mayer and Christopher Thomas. The OES organization also houses a volunteer symphony chorus, the Oregon East Symphony Chorale.

Moving on to the event, Young At Heart, and what exactly is the fund going to be raised for. Apart from being an orchestral organization, OES has many ongoing Youth Programs under its Playing for Keeps project. These programs revolve around the primary aims of this project, listed as follows:

  • To help rural young people gain access to new cultural opportunities.
  • To forge new alliances between the OES and local school districts.
  • To give young people who cannot afford musical instruction and/or instruments a chance to participate in music lessons, rehearsal and performance.
  • To develop a new awareness concerning the role of a community orchestra and chorus in the cultural health of Eastern Oregon.

OES has been tirelessly taking initiatives like A-Sharp Players, Preludes, Musician Scholarships, and Tickets for Kids in order to meet the above mentioned goals, and Young At Heart is all about keeping the passion for music alive in the hearts of everyone – young and old. It is about proving that music is not restricted by petty financial barriers, and that this melodious fire can consume anyone’s soul and keep them warm as long as they wish to kindle it.

Lastly, here’s a shoutout to a venue that always has interesting and ‘wild’ events rolling out for the Pendletonians. Wildhorse Casino & Resort never fails its customers when it comes to their entertainment services, amenities, and leisure activities. With a splendid casino offering more than a thousand games and slot machines, an 18-hole golf course, seven world-class restaurants and a multiplex, Wildhorse leaves no stone upturned in ensuring an experience that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

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