Now, Finding Your Target Audience Is Easy

Now, finding your target audience is easy
Now, finding your target audience is easy

With a limited budget and time, chalking out a successful event is a hard task but not impossible. Right from the word GO, be clear about how you going to make event engagement and who your audience are. Event Marketing when done using all possible event technology can save time, money, and labour. But, the foremost thing that any event planner should do is to search for target audience. If you are successful in creating enough online buzz, you have hit the bull’s eye. It would be easy for you to sell tickets if you know where your audience is. Here’s how and where you can search your audience online.

How to look for your audience

Where are you likely to find your audience? Trace out areas where they hang out the most. These days, most of us are online and is possible that people you are looking for are already out there. It’s just about letting them know, ‘hey, we’ve got something for you’. To begin with the hunting game, keep an eye on your competitors. Who visits and spends good time on their profile, the keywords they use, how they make themselves visible to their audience and how they get along with them, follow their profile pages and blogs.

Asking your friends, colleagues, business partners where they hang out the most online will also provide you a vital clue. Google Alerts is another interesting tool to get alert about what your competitors are updating.

Analyse your existing traffic

Study your website traffic through Google Analytics and know where your visitors are coming from. Are most of your visitors coming from social networking sites or through advertising campaigns? Make an in-depth analysis of these sources and identify the areas where you can invest.

Be active on social media

As part of Social Media Marketing, the first mantra is to make an appearance of your company on social media. Create a profile of your company on social media and track down who visits and follows your page. Strike a conversation and keep them engaged on your page with interesting posts and updates.

If you are not new in this industry and have already hosted an event, bring out all the stocks of database of your event audience. Find out from where and how they come to know about you? This piece of information will let you know what efforts you need to put for roaring ticket sales. Also, asking where they heard about the event while registering for it can become handy in exploring marketing areas for your next event.

To be more specific in SMM, using geo filter feature in Facebook helps you narrow down your search area. Running a Facebook ad campaign at the location from where most of the visitors have registered would indeed be productive.

So, get set and start finding your target audience online.