Freddie Jackson Will ♪Rock You Tonight♪ ♪Just Like The First Time♪

Freddie Jackson Performing Live in Sycuan Casino this August
Freddie Jackson Performing Live in Sycuan Casino this August

It’s been a year since Freddie Jackson’s performance at the Sycuan Casino, CA and yet, the words that rolled out of his mouth and crawled under our skins make it feel as if it were yesterday. We can still feel the goosebumps all over our bodies, resonating with the perfectly struck R&B beats of his most iconic songs.

But, are we really just telling you all this to send you on a trip down the memory lane (if you were there last year) or to make you envious (if you weren’t)? We are not really that sad, alright, and we’re only here to present you with another opportunity to watch the soul music legend LIVE at Sycuan Casino on August 17 & 18, 8:00 PM onwards!

Yes, you heard it right. Here’s to all those who have been living their lives believing that opportunity only knocks on your door once – ha, ha!

It was Jackson’s gospel training in 1956 in Harlem at the White Rock Baptist Church that kick-started his career, because that was where he met future producer and songwriter partner, Paul Laurence. His first album, Rock Me Tonight, topped the R&B charts, went platinum, and the title track ruled over the R&B charts at the number one position for six weeks. All his subsequent hits made it to the top in R&B charts and that’s how he redefined urban contemporary music.

With even more albums going platinum and tracks hitting the number one position, Freddie continues to release romantic ballads that make their way to the hearts of true R&B fans even now. And even though opportunity has knocked on your door for the second time, you never know if it’s going to happen again. So, don’t miss out and Grab Your Tickets NOW!