Flo Rida Performing Live in Northern Lights – Walker, Minnesota

Flo Rida Performing Live in Northern Lights - Walker, Minnesota
Flo Rida Performing Live in Northern Lights – Walker, Minnesota

Imagine walking into a club, with songs like “Low”, “Party Rock Anthem”, “Just A Friend”, “It Takes Two” blaring from the speakers, and “Hollywood Swinging” acting as the filler. Sounds like a regular Saturday night, doesn’t it? Well, imagine walking into a club with Flo Rida, Sky Blu, Biz Markie, Rob Base and DJ Kool actually performing all these songs LIVE. That escalated, didn’t it? We’re sorry to disappoint you here, but it’s true – it IS too much to handle for a regular Saturday night.

The Northern Lights Casino of Minnesota is geared up to host the craziest lineup featuring Flo Rida along with Biz Markie, Rob Base, DJ Kool and Sky Blu (from LMFAO) on July 29, 5:00 PM onwards. So, go ahead and Book Your Tickets Now! Unless, you know, you can’t really handle all that dancing in one night. In which case, you can always go inside the beautiful casino and unwind for a bit.

We all know Tramar Lacel Dillard as Flo Rida, the guy who came up with the song that has been the number one choice for street dance battles since the past nine years. Hailing from Carol City, Florida (well, that explains the nomenclature), the American Rapper has been giving hit singles after hit albums since 2008. His debut studio album, Mail on Sunday, peaked at number four in the US. “Low” stayed at the top for ten weeks in a row and broke the record for digital download sales at the time of its release. And I’m sure we’ve all danced to “Right Round” and “Club Can’t Handle Me”

How did I miss out the song with the most amazing intro? I think in our life span, we all do at least one of these two things:

  1. Set the “Whistle” intro as our ringtone.
  2. Miserably fail at whistling the “Whistle” intro.

And if you deny that, I can assure you you’re as real as the robot who swiped you right on Tinder. Ouch!

So, all that amazing music by Flo Rida coupled with live numbers by all-time favorite artists when it comes to dance music, you know your Saturday night is going to be lit. By now, if you’ve realized that it’s a show you just can’t miss, remember that are at least a thousand other people reading this post and realizing the same thing. Which means, you really have to stop reading and Book Your Tickets Now!