Dokken Finally Performs LIVE And Not Just “In My Dreams”

Dokken Performing Live in Wildhorse Resort and Casino, Pendleton, Oregon
Dokken Performing Live in Wildhorse Resort and Casino, Pendleton, Oregon

Well, almost every title on this blog exhibits my competence when it comes to ruining amazing songs with bad puns. Not that it matters, anyway, because all that matters is the fact that the classic metal band, Dokken, will be performing LIVE on August 31, 8:00 PM onwards at Wildhorse Resort & Casino, OR!

Dokken started off in 1979, and all these years in the industry have put them through a lot of ups and downs. Just ten years after they got together, they split up and it took them another four years after that to reform again. But, that was just a tiny bump on the road, considering that they have so many charting singles to their name and worldwide album sales that go beyond 10 million. The band went through a lot of dynamic changes, but Don Dokken and Mick Brown have still stuck together to keep it alive.

While their first album, Breaking the Chains, didn’t see a lot of success, all their subsequent albums sold millions of copies worldwide. The years 1983 to 1988 saw Dokken reach a new peak with their tracks like “Alone Again”, “In My Dreams”, and “Burning Like a Flame” all making it to the top charts. There have been many splits and reunions till date, but the classic Dokken sound still prevails in their music and that’s what has been keeping all their fans glued to them for almost forty years now.

Dokken has been touring extensively, and their journey has been long and twisted. But, their spirit is intact and nothing stops them from still performing across the world with their iconic music. Don’t miss this opportunity to watch a legendary band perform classic metal on stage in the Rivers Event Center. The best part? It’s a General Admission event with every ticket priced at $29, so you can have the authentic metal concert experience while you stand right next to the stage and head-bang with the Dokken. Hurry up and Buy Your Tickets right away!