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Pinterest is an awesome tool for event promotion!

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networking websites.  It acquired 10 million users in 9 months and recently they unveiled their newest feature, Place Pins. In this blog, we will explain you can utilize Pinterest and its “Place Pins” feature to promote your event Share your event with Pinterestand get maximum exposure.

  • Pinterest added a new type of pin called Place Pins, enabling users to map out the locations of all the items they share on their pinboards. For example, if you pin a photo of your event or the artist performing in your event, you can also add the venue location to a map on your board. Creating a board of Place Pins is easy. Just select Add a map when you create a new board or Edit an existing board’s settings. After that, you can map all of your new and existing Pins on the board to help plan your next event.
    If you have a list of favorite places to organize your events or a few locations that you always recommend to people, use Place Pins to showcase all of the venues in one single place!

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Why use Yapsody for Thanksgiving Day Events?

Thanks Giving Day

Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner and if you are planning to organize a Thanksgiving Day event, you should consider a ticketing system that will help make your event a success, because organizing and managing an event for any festival can have some unique challenges.

  • The first being that there are so many competing events happening at the same time and in the same place, which can dilute your ticket sales. When there is so much competition, you need to give your customers something unique that no other event presenter can offer. Yapsody is the ideal online ticketing system for presenters who prefer not to burden their customers with ticketing fee, convenience fee, transaction fee, etc. With Yapsody, there are no fees, which will make your event stand out from others and draw customers to your events over others.  Continue reading “Why use Yapsody for Thanksgiving Day Events?” »

How to Make Your Event Go Viral?

Make Your Event Viral

The benefits of viral marketing apply to events of all sizes.  The same tactics that large e-commerce business use for spreading information can also be used by you. Check out the following viral marketing tips for promoting your event and boosting customer attendance.


Check Out The New Face of Your Ticket Store!

You’ve probably noticed something’s different about Yapsody since the last time you logged in. We’ve gotten a makeover! Based on your feedback, we’ve redesigned your Online Ticket Store to make it quick and easy for your event to have the professional and exciting look it deserves and get customers engaged in the registration and purchase process quickly and seamlessly. The new Online Ticket Store also aims to provide a more consistent and richer user experience from your store’s homepage all the way through to the across the venue home page, event details page, booking page and payment page. Continue reading “Check Out The New Face of Your Ticket Store!” »


Select The Right Day To Send Email Newsletter For Events!

Right Time for email newsletters

If you execute email newsletter campaigns to promote your event, then in order to maximize the number of people who open and click-through your email, you have to be strategic about when you send out your newsletters. Timing is everything, as sending a newsletter on the wrong day or at wrong time can impact your email performance negatively. In this blog we will discuss the best days and times to send newsletters to ensure that your events get maximum exposure.

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Using Yapsody for your Halloween Events!

Happy Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, and you can use Yapsody for your Halloween events at no charge to you or your customers!

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Useful Resources to Run Your Event Smoothly!

Resources for Successful Event

Running an event might be prolonged and stressful. From arranging, to administering on event day to wrapping up after the event, with such a large number of balls to juggle at once, it is a wonder that an event can actually end on a high note. However, in last few years, various tools have been introduce that could be important weapons in an event presenter’s arsenal for simplifying the event process. Here’s a rundown of some useful tools for helping you run your next event smoothly. Continue reading “Useful Resources to Run Your Event Smoothly!” »


Most Effective Social Networking Site for Event Presenter!

We all know that social networking websites and social media marketing are the best FREE tools for promoting product and services. There are around 200 social networking websites available, but it is hardly possible for event presenters to be active on all of them. So in this blog, Yapsody will share some stats and details about social networking websites that will help you to figure out the most effective platforms for promoting your events and performances.

Effective Social Media Stats

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