How to Boost Your Mobile Ticket Sales

How to Boost Your Mobile Ticket Sales
How to Boost Your Mobile Ticket Sales

Smartphones with its sheer use are the best way to reach to your audience. The percentage of people buying tickets through mobiles is increasing exponentially. Statistics show that 33.7 percent of all online traffic is driven by smartphones compared to 12.7 percent of tablets.

Air tickets, recharges, movie tickets, event tickets, anything you wish to sell, if you offer a simple, pain-free mobile option, chances are high that it would boost your ticket sales.

Take a look at the below mentioned tips on how you can boost your mobile ticket sales

  • Optimize the site for your mobile viewers. This one’s the first basic step to make it attractive for your customers to buy the tickets. They need to be driven into a seamless and uncomplicated journey as they would have with their desktop viewing.
  • Social media promotion is a must if you want ot boost your sales. Incentives always work wonders for boosting your mobile ticket sales. Offer incentives, promotions and attractive vouchers, exciting offers on special days to grab more eyeballs to your event. Use facebook, twitter, also share videos on Youtube and feature your event by offering attractive vouchers.
  • Facebook, with its sheer reach and connectivity can be the strongest tool for boosting your sales. Create a facebook event and publicize it.
  • E-mail is a technological staple and it can be pretty much taken for guaranteed that many of us once we wake up reach to our phones and look into our mails. Use hyper short subject lines with a language that hinted to special offers. When the recipients are being addressed personally, chances are there that they would view the message to other messages. This makes e-mail marketing strategy is definitely a hit to boost your ticket sales, but in order to reach to the modern audience, inundated with emails, consider being creative.
  • Feedback is the most useful tool to understand what your customers think of their mobile ticket experience. Keep a small checkbox at the end and ask them about their mobile ticket experiences.

With mobile digital marketing becoming more and more customer driven, it is quintessential that you adapt to the ever evolving technology. It needs enough consideration that you provide all the necessary details and make the site the least complicated to boost your sales. Look for the potential customers, and use all marketing channels so that you can sell a ticket or two.

Five Tactics for Event Promotion

Five Quick Foxes To Jump On Successful Event Promotion
Five Tactics for Event Promotion

For an event presenter, diaries and notepads filled with strategies, at least five meetings to decide upon one of them, and a ten more to execute the “chosen one” is an everyday story. Of course, y’all are used to it, but does that make it any less tiring and time consuming? If your answer is a big “NO”, read on to discover five quick and easy promotional strategies that you can try for successful marketing of your event. (more…)



Yes, yes, let me explain. No, it has nothing to do with Halloween. Yes, it is about event promotion. In fact, it’s ONLY about event promotion – these are some handy “tricks” you can use to host a successful event, and success is always followed by “treats”, isn’t it? Hence, the title. (Please continue reading, I swear it gets better than this.) (more…)




We realized it was high time you stopped experimenting with useless techniques to promote your event on Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, WordPress, and virtually every other social media platform that you can think of. Honestly, having a ten-line instruction set to guide your audience to your online ticket store is definitely not working because nowadays, people don’t even read their medical reports that sincerely. It doesn’t matter how rich or witty your content is – if it’s not a click away, it’s no good, anyway! To overcome this major blunder, Yapsody decided to come up with Widgets to make social media promotion a lot easier. (more…)

Pinterest is an awesome tool for event promotion!

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networking websites.  It acquired 10 million users in 9 months and recently they unveiled their newest feature, Place Pins. In this blog, we will explain you can utilize Pinterest and its “Place Pins” feature to promote your event Share your event with Pinterestand get maximum exposure.

  • Pinterest added a new type of pin called Place Pins, enabling users to map out the locations of all the items they share on their pinboards. For example, if you pin a photo of your event or the artist performing in your event, you can also add the venue location to a map on your board. Creating a board of Place Pins is easy. Just select Add a map when you create a new board or Edit an existing board’s settings. After that, you can map all of your new and existing Pins on the board to help plan your next event.
    If you have a list of favorite places to organize your events or a few locations that you always recommend to people, use Place Pins to showcase all of the venues in one single place!