Yapsody Provides an Excellent Customer Support!

You have got a great venue, your artist having a great fan following and you are working with a big and expensive event ticketing system for your event, everything is just perfect to make your event successful, but everything can be void and for no use if your event ticketing system doesn’t provide a great customer support.

In this blog, we will share a report that we have created after doing a survey with our presenters and customers by taking their feedback regarding our customer support quality.

We asked them about their satisfaction level with Yapsody Customer Support and created the below satisfaction chart through our reputed CRM Zendesk.  Continue reading

Yapsody Security Update: Safe from Heartbleed!

On Monday, April 7th, the OpenSSL project issued a Security Advisory that detailed a serious bug in the encryption Heartbleedlibrary. The bug in OpenSSL; nicknamed “Heartbleed” would allow attackers to capture data from encrypted SSL endpoints.

Yapsody event ticketing system was built to meet the highest security standards to protect you and your customer’s information and that’s why our technical team quickly identified and deployed the security patch before any possible attack on our system. This mean Yapsody and all event presenters associated with Yapsody are secure from “Heartbleed” issue and we are also closely monitoring all other security option.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this issue, and follow us Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on Yapsody’s service status.

What Fans Like about An Online Event Ticketing System!

There are many online event ticketing companies that offer some unnecessary features and services that are not much help for your event or your fans. While features and services are always important for any event presenter while evaluating an online event ticketing system, the most important factor is to understand what exactly fans wants from an online event ticketing system. For any event presenter, their fans are their king, and the more difficulty a fan faces when booking a ticket, they greater likelihood he/she will abandon the sale. In this blog, we will share a report that we have created after doing a survey to 200 fans and asked them about the services they are like while booking a ticket for any event. Continue reading

Raise Donations for Your Fundraising Event!

Here is another exciting feature from  Yapsody  which  allows  your Donation customers to donate money to your cause directly through your online ticket store and through your box-office.

Many nonprofit organizations use Yapsody to promote and sell tickets for their fundraising events, but now with Yapsody’s new donation feature you can enable customers to enter their desired donation amounts.  This makes Yapsody a great solution for any nonprofit organization wanting to use its Yapsody Online Ticket Store to raise funds in addition to selling tickets.

So if you want to start accepting donations through your online ticket store right now, click here for information on quickly and easily activating the donations feature. To get updates on new features, follow us on Twitter and Facebook and check back with our blogs.

Yapsody now support Braintree payment gateway!

Yapsody and Braintree

Great news! We recently added a new payment gateway, “Braintree”, to our list of supported gateways.  So now, presenters around the world have more options for selling tickets in the multiple currencies that Braintree supports.

Braintree is a payment provider that enables your Yapsody Online Ticket Store a quick and easy way to accept credit card payments Continue reading

Yapsody Reports App: Ticket Sales Report At Your Fingertips!

As an event presenter you could probably name a dozen of mobile apps you’ve worked with over the past year. You can use mobile apps for event planning, registration system or ticket scanning but when it comes to ticket sales report for your event; you have to depend on your desktop or laptop to track the report, nothing to view your reports on the go and it’s something we wanted to change.  Continue reading

Yapsody Now Supports Multiple Currencies!

We’ve listened to your feedback and have heard the requests loud and clear. Yapsody is expanding globally to keep up with the growing demand from the many event presenters using Yapsody outside the USA.

Since launching Yapsody, we’ve seen our global website traffic explode. Today, over 50% of our traffic comes from visitors outside the U.S., and today we will begin servicing a much larger segment of Continue reading

Celebrate Your Valentine’s Day with Yapsody!

Valentine’s Day is just few days away. Do you have anything special apart from chocolates and flowers for your special person? Well, if not, then consider a truly memorable gift:

Tickets To A Live Event:

Open your heart to the following suggestions:

SEO Trends Every Event Presenter Needs to Know for 2014


Is SEO important for promoting your events online? It’s a common question among event presenters.
If you’re an event presenter and you heavily depend on the Internet to promote your event and connect with your customers, you’re right to ask this question. In fact, because of the constantly evolving nature SEO, SEO activities that worked for your event in the past may no longer work for you now. Continue reading

Yapsody On The Rise!


This past summer, Yapsody entered in the ticketing industry with an initiative against high ticketing fees because we love our fans and don’t believe in unfairly taxing them or the presenters simply for the ability to print out a ticket. “A Ticketing Revolution” was our theme at Yapsody this year, and we would like to THANK all our event presenters for their support in helping Yapsody become a great success in 2013! Continue reading

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